Our Services

Software Services

Have a brand new computer game, or new home office software? Our software services can install and setup the software for you. Whether it’s a new operating system, word processor, games, or virus protection, we can install whatever software your computer may need!

  • Software installation and setup :  You just bought Microsoft Office, there’s a book report due tomorrow. Our software installation and setup will have you up and running, so you have time to hand that paper in.
  • Operating system installation:   Your computer is running Windows XP, but you want to use Windows 8. Our operating installation is quick and easy and will bring you up to date with the new technology.
  • Software and operating system upgrades
  • Virus, spyware and malware removal:   Our virus, spyware and malware removal will detect and destroy any intruder, regardless of where it came from.
  • Antivirus installation:   Protect your privacy with antivirus installation. Its fast and affordable and keeps unwanted programs from terrorizing your computer.
  • Email setup:   Need help setting up your email account on your computer? We can do an email setup and have you laughing at emails of funny animals in a flash. haha.