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Networking Services

Computer Network Services

Network solutions consists of complete setup of your home network including printers, faxes, laptops, home gaming consoles and home computers.

  • Wireless networking services: Are you tired of having to go to one room in your home to use the internet? We can set you up for wireless networking, allowing you to access the internet or your computer files from anywhere in your home.
  • Wired networking services: Do you have multiple computers in your home but have to connect with a physical wire?  Wired networking brings the internet and sharing into the rooms you select, also protecting you from your neighbors stealing your internet connection.
  • Printer setup: You just bought a new printer, but are unsure how to set it up. We can come to your home and do a printer setup for you.
  • Printer install: Do you have a printer in your home, but bought a new computer? Are you unsure how to install it on your new computer? Printer install will allow you to print without trouble.
  • Printer troubleshooting: Are you have problems with your printer? Not sure why? Our printer troubleshooting can figure out what’s wrong and may not require you to come to the store.
  • Firewall installation: Are you concerned your data isn’t safe? Perhaps you need a firewall to protect your business. We can do firewall installation and protect all of your important documents.
  • Remote access setup and installation: Want to access your computer from anywhere in the world? Our remote access setup and installation can do just that. (Just so your computer is on)

About Us

Brennan Technology Services is a dedicated group of technology professionals providing IT managed Services.

Our mission is keeping your business technologies safe and secure. We’ve worked in the technology field long enough to know that your business doesn’t stop or slow down and neither should your computers or other technology. Utilizing the latest technologies and best practices, coupled with your specific needs, we’ll develop a plan that suits your needs and budget. From hardware and software support to world class enterprise networking, we’ll handle your technical needs so you can focus on your business.