Our Services

Hardware Services

Hardware services consists of everything from Graphics cards and hard drives, to laptop screens and motherboards. Whatever the situation we can service all your hardware needs.

  • Hardware install: Just bought a new hard drive/ video card/ motherboard? Our hardware install can take care of any hardware you have.
  • Hardware repair: Are you having problems with your computer? Hardware repair allows us to diagnose if it needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Computer setup: Did you  just buy that brand new computer you’ve always wanted, but are confused by the mess of wires and software that comes with it? Let us save you the and do a complete computer setup for you!
  • Computer tuneup: Keep your computer running for another 100,000 miles. A computer tuneup allows us to look under the hood to see what’s bogging you down.
  • Memory upgrades: Is the RAM in your computer failing or causing problems? We can perform memory upgrades which will allow your computer to run smoothly
  • Laptop screen replacement: Accidents happen often and screens are very delicate, sometimes breaking. We can do a laptop screen replacement and save you the hassle and cost of buying a new computer.
  • Server installation and configuration: We can perform server installation and configuration in both businesses and homes.