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Computer Data Recovery Services

Things happen and people lose important information, pictures and documents because they were unprepared. Data recovery includes data backup, backup solutions, system restore and disaster recovery, making sure you don’t lose a thing.

  • Data backup: Are you afraid your data will disappear? Let us do a data backup and make sure you never lose your important files.
  • Data recovery: In case your data does get deleted we can perform a data recovery and obtain the missing files.
  • Backup solutions: Not sure how to backup and save your data? We can determine the best backup solution for your needs.
  • System restore: Did you install the latest driver for your hardware because your computer told you to? Did your PC stop working properly? We can perform a system restore and get your PC working again.
  • Disaster recovery: Does your business or home have a disaster recovery plan? You know where to go when there’s a fire or tornado, but what if your server/computer fails? Our disaster recovery makes sure your data is safe and secure in case of an emergency.

About Us

Brennan Technology Services is a dedicated group of technology professionals providing IT managed Services.

Our mission is keeping your business technologies safe and secure. We’ve worked in the technology field long enough to know that your business doesn’t stop or slow down and neither should your computers or other technology. Utilizing the latest technologies and best practices, coupled with your specific needs, we’ll develop a plan that suits your needs and budget. From hardware and software support to world class enterprise networking, we’ll handle your technical needs so you can focus on your business.